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Tracker Tracker by Kethric Wilcox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Where is the rest of this story? A fan of fairy tales re-told, I am captivated by this new interpretation. New to me author, Mr. Wilcox lifts the best parts of the fairy tale and Buffy-izes it. Yes, for those who are Buffy fans, this story will be right up your alley. Even better? It is a m/m twist. How cool is this?

The m/m aspect is a nice change for the beauty and the beast story. Mr. Wilcox does a lovely job of creating this mythos and entwining it with star-crossed lovers. The characters in this story, Kieran Belle and Corwin Cooper are delicious and adorable. They are well developed characters with a touch of young adult hormonal drama. Fortunately, the misunderstandings are not contrived nor do they feel forced. Mr. Wilcox sets the conflicts up well, and the head on collusion between the two guys can be predicted a mile away. Still, the path to the conflict takes a few twists and turns. What is better, is the resolution of the conflicts. The resolutions are nicely crafted and sets up for the next book in the series. A lot happens in this story which does make it feel as if some pieces of information are left out. Perhaps this is intentional to hook a reader in to read the next book in the series. Consider me hooked.

What is a bit disturbing in ways is how nonchalant several characters are killed off. I understand the plot device for this, but the actual fall outs and how Kieran responds is less than I would have anticipated. It makes the deaths feel a little less real and unimportant. I am not saying that Kieran should have worn rags and thrown himself into a crying fit to railing against the gods. For a person who is so close to the characters who died, I would have thought more would have happened. I would have thought he would have acted upon it more instead of talked about it. This story would have been stronger for me if there was a bit more showing than telling of how the characters felt. This paranormal m/m romance is recommended to readers who enjoy Buffy and Supernatural with a m/m twist.

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