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Alien Nation  @GiniKoch Must read - entertaining, page turner, #bookhangerover Kitty the Alien Saver to the rescue! 
Alien Nation by Gini Koch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series only gets better and better. This is a MUST READ book. One of my favourite books showing up end of 2016, Ms. Koch delivers another stunning winner. Kitty is once again in the thick of things as subplots within subplots develop at the rate of rabbits copulating. This book is a page turner which should only be started earlier in the day. Forewarning for readers who think they will only read just a few chapters before bed. It is not going to happen. Do not say you were not warned when day breaks and you are still reading this book.

With all that has happened to Kitty, what new development can occur? With the Mastermind cut off at his knees, is he really that much of a threat? Apparently he still has a little power to wreak havoc. What is new in this book is the latest Big Bad coming to Earth. For those who loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you might get a similar vibe off of Kitty who is the Alien Saver. It appears that other aliens are looking to Kitty to protect them from this new threat. I am very intrigued.

This fast paced story is more than Kitty figuring out what is going on, it also continues to build out this world. This world is starting to reveal some ugly truths. Truths such as how allies become enemies and how those striving to be better or enlightened may not turn out the way they expected. The horrific atrocities committed due to a change to enlightenment is a social commentary in some ways. I enjoy books that have a deeper mean which makes readers think. Ms. Koch sneakily inserts some socio-political philosophies in an entertaining book. I wonder how many readers will catch it and discuss it in book clubs. Thought provoking and compelling, this sci-fi/fantasy may blow your mind.

Kitty is the ultimate out of the box thinker. I love how Ms. Koch keeps this consistent with her character. Kitty's ability to figure things out through things she's seen in movies and read in books is remarkable. It shows high cogitative skills which just tickles me to no end. Her ability to relate to those who don't look like humanoids is also impressive. I like how Ms. Koch doesn't make it easy for her characters. She uses different body types and crosses lines just to make it more difficult for her heroine. The latest batch of aliens bring in a wide range of body types. I must confess, the turtle like ones keep appearing in my mind like Squirtles from Pokémon.

Once again, Ms. Koch delivers a high quality story with strong characters, excellent world building and an in-depth plot. This story has it all. One can only hope this series can be turned into a TV series or movie. This hilarious and fast paced story is highly recommended to everyone.

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