Review: Benevolent Master

Benevolent Master Benevolent Master by Dakota Trace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

New to BDSM and want to learn a little about what the community can be like? This is the book for you. Granted, I may be a bit bias because I've always enjoyed Ms. Master's stories. The BDSM in her books are real to life both in action and in relationships. From a BDSM accuracy, Ms. Master's is one of the few authors I recommend to new to BDSM readers. The stories show how the lifestyle can be and it is in a positive light. Whilst the club may be a little bit of a stretch as far as how perfect it seems, the way the club is run is similar to what I have experienced in real life.

What I enjoyed about this story is the character building. Alyce O'Connell is a character I cannot identify with yet I could empathize with her. Her plight as far as working on her PhD is something I can understand with several family members going through their PhD program. What I cannot understand is how her family treats her. This is devastating and unfortunately all too common as I listen to more and more people share their family dysfunctions. Ms. Trace does an excellent job of showing how Alyce overcomes the negativity in her life. When the reader learns of the constant sabotage of her life from the female family members, it may make a reader see red. I know at one point, I wanted to hunt down the bullies and slaughter them. Keep in mind, this is merely a fictional story. This is how well Ms. Trace creates her characters and invoke strong emotions in her readers. This keeps me engaged and wanting to know what happens to Alyce.

This story is more than a woman fighting against her cruel family members. It is a story of a strong woman determined to make it on her own. It is also a story of sexual re-awakening after abuse. Usually, stories where those abused seeking BDSM as a way to heal themselves are not once I can endorse. Ms. Trace takes a different path which I like. Whilst BDSM is not used to heal, it is a path and method for potential healing. I found this difference to be well done and I applaud her sensitivity. It is a subtle nuance I think only those who have been in the lifestyle a while would catch. Lastly, I like how the characters in this story are closer to reality. It is surprising to me how many of my friends have children with autism. I am appreciative of how an autistic child is written into this story. The child isn't used as a sob story or a gaudy plot device. Instead, it is a thread which enhances the story and brings to light the life of a parent who has a child that functions on a different level than other children. I admire parents who are similar to how Ms. Trace portrays Alyce. This gateway to BDSM romance is recommended for those who are looking for a more profound romance with well created characters and a healing message.

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