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Bright Tail @gnomesVG The right male can stave off an eternity of loneliness
Bright Tail by Zenina Masters
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Ennui and an immortal life watching loved ones passing away over the centuries is more than Seerya can bear. After watching the last of her familial descendants secured, it is time for a long rest. Seerya is looking forward to sleeping and perhaps waking up when the world is a new again. I like Seerya. Ms. Masters does an excellent job of showing how tired Seerya felt and the weight of taking care of so many becoming too heavy of a burden. Seerya earned her rest and whilst it may be without a happily ever after, it is a life filled with purpose and meaning. With one last task left, Seerya seeks the calm dark depths of sea for peace. Unfortunately for her, her last task is being rather difficult. This is not unexpected since Seerya has crossed paths with many stubborn males. This is a first for one she's sworn to protect. Lothan is the said stubborn male who is unwilling to part with a piece of magic which belongs to Seerya. This is because he wants an audience with the myth - The Destroyer.

This story could come across creepy December - May romance with a stalker younger male. Instead, it comes across as a sweet hero worship crush into a mating bond. Seerya may have millenniums of experience but this is one she's never encountered. It is just the required spark to renew her interest in life.

The romance in this story is sweet. It brings forth a joie de vivre which is missing in so many real life romances. The passion of desire for a mate as well as the determined love is admirable. The love tango here is amusing because it convinces a powerful woman to take a chance on a younger and less powerful male for her dance partner. The way Lothan woos Seerya is tastefully done and fun to watch. This romance is filled with hope regained and loneliness fiercely eradicated. Recommended to hopeless romantics who enjoy powerful females finding the right male to match them.

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