Review: Hard Rhythm

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Hard Rhythm by Cecilia Tan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Erotic, spellbinding and romantic, this kinky series hits all the pleasure spot on me. Hard Rhythm is the third in the Secrets of a Rock Star series. This can be a standalone as I read this book out of order. The only regrets I have are reading this book so late and not reading the first two books in this series. Ms. Tan wowed me with her characters, plot and amazing kinky sex.

For those who are looking for erotic romance, look no further. Ms. Tan delivers lovable characters who come across down to earth. Chino Garcia may be the drummer of a band and he looks like a bad boy, but he is a gentleman. Chino is a dominant and when he turns his dom voice on, I melt into a puddle, just like Maddie Rofel.

Maddie is a character I really liked. She's smart and funny. Plus she's a red head which is a definitely weakness of mine. Maddie is sex vlogger and has been in the sex industry for a while. One of the coolest jobs she works, is as a hostess in an exclusive private sex club. Do these clubs exist? Probably for the rich. Is this a bit glitterkink with the exclusive club? Yes, but it is so much more.

I love how Ms. Tan describes what goes on in this club. It may be exclusive for movers and shakers, but what happens in the club is not too different than clubs I've attended. The kink is fabulous. The BDSM scenes in this story are blazing hot. The arousal level this book achieves is off the charts for me. The reason is because of the scenes that are graphically described. I can see them and they are a complete turn on. Ms. Tan knows her BDSM and it is very evident in her accurate portrayal of the different scenes. What I enjoyed most about her scenes is how most of it was mental. The mind-fucking as well as the D/s is very appealing. When Chino kicks it up a notch with having Maddie expose herself in the club, it is hard not to reach for a vibrator to hum along.

Whilst this story may incorporate BDSM, the focus is still on the romance, specifically Maddie and Chino falling for each other. It may come across as insta-love; it is not. I liked the setup of how they danced around each other for six months and we come in when they finally decide to play with each other. They may have come together through their mutual enjoyment of kink, but it is much more than just sexy times. The reader learns more about each of their lives. This adds depth to the story and engages the reader. I'm fully vested in Chino's family situation. I am rooting for Maddie as she starts a new job which sounds like so much fun. The best is, these characters are true to themselves and they are happy with it. This is what really makes the book work for me. Ms. Tan creates characters who are not perfect and they are perfectly happy with it. This kinky book featuring exhibitionists, Daddy kink and flogging is highly recommended to all kinky readers.

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