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Taunt @Eve_Dangerfield Wild, crazy and adrenaline pumping describes this unexpected gem #mustread #bookreview
Taunt by Eve Dangerfield
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wild, crazy and adrenaline pumping describes this unexpected gem. Full disclosure, Ms. Dangerfield contacted me and asked if I would take a look at her book. I recently read a sweet kinky story by her and eagerly agreed. What I didn't expect was to be blown out of the water with this exciting new series. The premise of this story is unconventional and threw me off. I thought it was going to be a sexy ménage and perhaps a little bit of a suspense. Instead, I'm pulled into an end of the world scenario with eco-terrorist, former military and kinky as hell sex scenes.

Let's start with the plot because there is so much to write about regarding the sex. The plot is intriguing and whilst a bit farfetched for end of the world, it is still plausible. The way the story is laid out, it is captivating because only a little bit of information is provided and it's hard to tell the end game. The secrets the main character, Dani keeps alluding seem to be exaggerated. Who would believe her? Ms. Dangerfield does a nice job of keeping the reader's focus on the plot despite of all the sexy time.

The characters in this story are well written. Ms. Dangerfield is two for two on character development. It could be so easy to interchange the three sexy men: John, Colt and Seb in the story. Instead, Ms. Dangerfield is able to create unique characters that it made it easy for me to distinguish between these three sex gods, er private security men. Their interaction with Dani is priceless and amuses me to no end. The conflict Ms. Dangerfield creates between the captured and her guards is messy, complicated and a hoot. Dani is no shrinking violet and the men who try to be good find it hard to resist her charm.

I loved the way the three men begin to get closer to Dani. The level of intimacy between prisoner and prison guard is twisted in this story and it's so deliciously bad. When the subplots are revealed, it is diabolical and I love it. Ms. Dangerfield threw in a twist that caught me off guard and I liked it.

Now let's talk about the sex. Oh my ever loving … the sex in this story is right up my alley. It is arousing as John controls the sex between Colt, Seb and Dani. Dani is one lucky lucky gal as she receives loving in three very different ways. Ms. Dangerfield taunts the reader with constant sexual tension. When it finally explodes, I'm ready to pop too. The constant edging with glimpses of Dani's sexual marathon will keep a reader's vibrator humming. There are few writers who can bring a suspense story to the next level with kinky sex. Ms. Dangerfield is one of them. When this story ended, I could only think about the next story in this series. Since it isn't out yet, I re-read this story a few more times, especially the sexy parts. This speculative fiction is filled with suspense and smoking hot erotica. Highly recommended to the kinky crowd looking for something different.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review


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