Review: Wolf Unleashed

Wolf Unleashed Wolf Unleashed by Paige Tyler
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

A wolf finds his "one" and she turns out to be a veterinarian, is this a match made in heaven? Alex Trevino is one of the werewolves on the SWAT team in Dallas. He watches as his brothers in arms one by one find their true mate. What seemed to be a fanciful myth is slowing turning into reality. Whilst Alex would like to find his "One", he also knows the chances of it are slim. Since he's not looking, of course he's the next one to fall.

Lacey is gun shy after her bad experiences with men. Swearing off the opposite sex is harder than she expects when Alex waltzing into her animal hospital. He does have many endearing qualities, but she's made that mistake before and not really interested in going down that path again.

Whilst this story is a paranormal romance, the romance of it almost takes a back seat. Don't get me wrong, the romance is sweet and sexy. Ms. Tyler definitely knows how to add romance into her stories. Her strength for me is still the plot and the suspense. I really enjoyed learning more about the werewolf world and how there are hunters. I liked learning about werewolf families. I want to learn more. It is almost as if the most interesting part to this world is kept hidden and barely mentioned in this series. I can just slightly perceive the threads weaving together and building through each story. I'm most fascinated by this piece. The romance is nice and I do like the characters. However the sex in these stories are just blah for me. I definitely don't spend much time on them and skim through it. Please note, this is because I tend to read a lot of erotica and much harder than sweet loving. And for me, vanilla sex just doesn’t do it for me. Yes, these are alpha males throwing their sexy man hormones around and taking their women, but it is still too tame for me.

In Wolf Unleashed, this story played like an action movie in my mind. Ms. Tyler's descriptions are vivid. Incorporating the olfactory senses also helps to heighten the sensations and pull me deeper into this story. I read this story in one sitting as it is definitely a page turner. Ms. Tyler crafts thrilling paranormal suspense with a lovely romantic touch. This werewolf series is recommended to readers who enjoy men in uniform with a little extra alpha gene.

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