Review: Alpha's Revenge

Alpha's Revenge Alpha's Revenge by N.J. Walters
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A dystopia world where the haves and have nots are clearly divided by a wall. Those who are special and stay within the wall and they are given food and shelter. It is supposed to be an utopia society. But it isn't. Charity Caruthers knows this only too well. As a daughter of one of the inner circle leaders, one would think she is treated like a princess. Not so. Instead she is a whipping boy for her father and a pawn to be married off for favours. Charity is miserable and believes living on the outside cannot be worse than living on the inside. Little does she know how desperately hungry people are on the outside.

The concept of this story is good. From the first few pages, I was intrigued. Ms. Walters sets up intrigue and a dire backdrop. Then as we learn more about Charity, I started to lose interest. From a character perspective, Charity didn't pull me in. She tries hard but is just too weak for me. Her sudden love interest in Adrian didn't do much for me either. Adrian is a product of an experiment and whilst he is designed for a reader to feel sorry for him, I did not. He is an admirable guy with good intentions. I could not connect with him. The chemistry between Adrian and Charity was okay. It felt a little forced. Their interaction led them down to a predictable conclusion. Their declarations of love and willingness to die for each other was a bit fast and odd. Still, in desperate times, people act in illogical manners.

The plot of this story is simple revenge. It is a justified revenge. It is predictable in how it is carried out plus how it ends. Between the characters and the plot, the story lost its momentum and ended up as a lighter version of stories with the same theme. This post-apocalyptic tale is recommended for romance readers who root for the underdog and like happily ever afters.

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