Review: Divergence

Divergence Divergence by Lyn Gala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fast paced third book to the Aberrant Magic series brings forth a horrifying secret. Kavon and Darren's relationship has been a rollercoaster. They finally seem to be settling into an understanding. Their magic dynamic is still way off. Darren still does things he shouldn't be able to do. He is also still in danger as O'Brien is still at large, specifically eluding law enforcement in Canada. Kavon is furious and insists to be part of the capture team only to be sidelined. Politics at play only make for a cranky Kavon.

Expecting this to be the final book in the series, there seems to be several threads left hanging. Hopefully this means another book will be forthcoming. I digress. The world as Kavon and Darren know it is evolving. Specifically, the spirit guides are more than just spirit guides. The reader learns how Darren has been picked. It has a lot to do with Kavon. It is a bit mind blowing as to how the spirit guides originally interacted with humans and more specifically, why they left the world. This decision is absolute in some ways and may be a bit too extreme for those who need a Disney happily ever ending. For those who enjoy foreign movies, the angsty French and Chinese movies, this decision made by the spirit guides make sense.

Whilst this is going on, there is a criminal to capture, political waters to maneuver and a dysfunctional "coven" to disband. There are several subplots going on which is what makes this story enjoyable. There is no boring lag time. Kavon and Darren are hopping from one situation to the next. They do tie together quite nicely and gives the story more depth. It also keeps a reader's interest engaged as we wonder what will happen next.

Where there is no question is the sexy time between Kavon and Darren. Darren can sometimes be a little whiny, playing into a stereotype for gay men. Ms. Gala does it well so that it doesn't become annoying. It is amusing and when Kavon takes Darren to task, it is delicious. The sexual chemistry between Kavon and Darren is smoking hawt. They light the sheets on fire. Ms. Gala certainly knows how to turn on the heat. Then she ends this story with a shocking cold shower.

The ending leaves a reader hanging. There are several questions that remain open. It feels as if this world is unfinished and there is still more story to tell. I can only hope there is another follow up book to this series. Kavon and Darren plus the rest of their Scooby gang are quirky and fun. This paranormal romance is recommended to m/m readers who enjoy magic, mystery and mayhem.


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