Review: Hallowed Destiny -- Forged by Darkness

Hallowed Destiny -- Forged by Darkness Delightfully sweet with a band of alpha men protecting an innocent #bookreview #Vanilla! @CandaceBlevins
Hallowed Destiny -- Forged by Darkness by Candace Blevins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Looking for something sweet and dare I say, close to vanilla sex? Ms. Blevins pens an erotic novella featuring a side character who touches both the Chattanooga Supernaturals Series and Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Series. This story is well developed and a lovely addition to this fantastic world.

Destiny is a young woman who is blessed with her virginity. Or, that is how her very religious family feels. This also makes her a target for demon worshipers who need innocent virgin sacrifices. Destiny fits the bill and to her, her virginity is a curse. Destiny is a well written character who has to grow up fast. She isn't a victim. She's a survivor. I like how Ms. Blevins balances Destiny's hurt and trauma with her determination to be stronger. Now, for Destiny, to get better, she needs to remember what happened. Her memories are fuzzy and she feels like she's losing her mind. Did she really remember what happened or was it all a bad nightmare? To help Destiny, the supernatural world "whammed" her memory. Unfortunately, it didn't hold and it didn't help her move on.

The conflict in this story is an interesting dilemma. If one were to experience a traumatic event, would it be better to forget it? Or would it be better to remember it? Which way would you choose? For Destiny, she is mixed, especially as it puts her in more danger and the monsters in her nightmare become reality. Amidst all this turmoil, there is one bright light. This is a man who was by her side at the hospital, her knight in shining armour - Zeke . She crushed on Zeke as he ferociously protected her when she was first rescued. This is pretty common phenomenon among those who have been saved by a person. They tend to have romantic feelings for their rescuer. For Destiny, it is more than a crush and it develops into so much more.

Everything about this book gives me warm fuzzies. It isn't exactly an arousing book for me because Ms. Blevins appeals to my darker side and tends to lure her out. This softer side is well done and tends to lull me into a quieter happy space. This change up where it is softer and gentler shows the versatility of this author. She can write from the lighter to the darker side of sex. What remains consistent is good plot development and engaging characters.

For those who enjoy glimpses of the power men in this paranormal world, they do make a few guest appearances. They also show a lighter side to their personality which is sweet. Nathan stingily shows how he can be gentle when need be. I used to hate Nathan, but now, I'm enticed yet still a little intimidated.

This erotic romance is recommended to all paranormal romance readers who enjoy Halloween themes, a strong female lead and a band of powerful men who are old school gentlemen.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review


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