Review: Honey Trap

Honey Trap Honey Trap by Fyn Alexander
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Transgender is a hot topic in today's society. Personally I believe gender is a societal construct and people should chill out. It seems author Fyn Alexander may feel the same. I say this because I really enjoyed this book's transgender main character. Scarlet and Ronin are the same person. Ronin is truly gender fluid which I find admirable and attractive. Sometimes he dresses in pants and looks like a traditional sense of a male. Sometimes he wears dresses or pants and looks like a traditional sense of a female. I loved this about Scarlet/Ronin. This allows him to revel in the full spectrum of his personality. This fluidity is also an asset in his job. As a covert agent in the UK, Ronin can be either male or female for an assignment. Lately, it seems his boss only invites Scarlet out to play as a Honey Pot. Talk about pigeon holed at work!

I really Scarlet/Ronin in this story. His love interest, Julian, I didn't like. Or more, I didn't respect him and found Julian to be a milquetoast who makes poor decisions and even worse choices in friends. Julian drove me crazy. He may have a "good" heart as the author keeps trying to convince the reader. I am not buying it. He is a complete idiot as far as understanding the consequences of his actions. He needs someone else to pull his dumb ass out of the proverbial fire. Everything about Julian makes me want to bash him over the head and move on. Julian is not good enough for Scarlet/Ronin. And this is why the story didn't rate as high for me.

The plot of the story is great. The stunts Scarlet/Ronin need to pull in order to help Julian are quasi-believable. It is Julian's response and his naïve beliefs that burn me. The lengths Scarlet/Ronin goes to when he helps Julian are mind blowing. Ronin's help is neither appreciated nor acknowledged. Then adding in Julian's disapproval for taking a needed action to help Julian's friend, this was the last straw for me. Off with Julian's head! Even the cameo appearance of Kael from the Angel and Assassin series didn't offset Julian's foolishness. Kael's injection into this book did make me hope the author would bring Scarlet/Ronin in for a little play time between him and Angel. Alas, it is not to be.

For those who found the Daddy kink and SM in the Angel and Assassin series to be too much, then this book is for you. The sex in this story is hot only because of the transgender aspect. In addition, there are a couple of scenes where there is possible public exposure which makes the sex more illicit. If however, you are looking for the erotically hawt BDSM, this is not the book for you. This m/m erotica is recommended for suspense readers who treasure a person's insides and appreciates how unique people can be.


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