Review: Intense Pleasure

Intense Pleasure Intense Pleasure by Lora Leigh
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Welcome back, Ms. Leigh, oh how I have missed your delicious ménage with strong women and stubborn men. I loved this book. This book brings back fond memories of the first few books in this Bound Hearts series. This is the kind of book which pulled me into the erotic world of threesomes. Ms. Leigh knocks this one out of the park with the sexual tension, pulling of heart strings and erotic burning up sheets.

The characters in this book are awesome. I have liked Summer as she dips in and out of other books. This book featuring her is fabulous. Summer is tired of working as an agent and she is going home to find her home with a white picket fence. The Southern girl that she is, she is having a huge ball with gentlemen callers to see if they are a match for her. Because she knows the two men she wants, she can never have - Falcone and Raeg.

Falcone and Raeg have worked with Summer for years. They are brothers who enjoy sharing their a woman between them. They are exquisite lovers who do not keep a woman for long. They long to call Summer their own yet they hesitate due to their past. They do however succumb to temptation and finally devour Summer up. There are some very hot Summer nights between these three. Ms. Leigh certain delivers up blazing hot sex in this book.

The conflict of this story is heartbreaking in many senses. The plot device Ms. Leigh uses is a familiar one. It leaves a reader with dread in the pit of their stomach. The anticipation of a train wreck keeps this story on a constant edge. Whilst the love triangle is forming, work history is coming to bite all three of them on the proverbial butt. Between protecting Summer, learning a different perspective to their history and finding out that Summer is willing to move on without them, Falcone and Raeg are run ragged. What impacted me most is the intense emotions pulled from me as I experience Summer's sorrow and witnessing Falcone and Raeg's despair. Learning about the truth behind the partial facts of Summer's violation as a teen and her father's negligence is yet another tear jerker.

This story is not just one kleenex after another. It does contain humour as the dynamic between Summer and her father have her two lovers completely mystified. I have to admit, I too am a little puzzled yet more bemused. Summer's insistence on no sexual discussion around or about her father is a constant source of amusement. I love how Ms. Leigh injects humour at the right moments. This erotic suspense is highly recommended to romance lovers who enjoy ménage between three strong willed characters.

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