Review: Papa's Little Pain Princess

Papa's Little Pain Princess Papa's Little Pain Princess by Zoe Blake
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Why did this take me so long to read, I have no idea. Always a fan of Ms. Blake, this is another deliciously deviant despoiling of an innocent. Archer is a Lord of the Realm. He experiences ennui as he suffers through jaded mistresses. Even his darker desires are falling flat when played out with his actress mistress. When he catches a peeping tom during his sexual interlude with his latest mistress, Archer comes up with a new idea.

Winnie is like little orphan Annie, except the "Daddy" who takes her in wants something totally different. Specifically, Winnie no longer needs to slave over clothing and sewing by candle light. Instead, she is to be treated like a little girl by a rich Daddy. She is given clothing and food she's never had before and they are extravagant luxuries. But the price she pays may be too steep for her.

I really enjoyed the sexual shenanigans in this book. The enema, anal training, diaper play and wet nurse were all delightful. The spanking were not frequent or long enough. Well, there were several episodes of spankings, just not enough to satisfy my hunger. I liked how Winnie was taken to task. The story is just graphic enough with the sexual scenes and yet seemed too short. I enjoyed Winnie's innocence stripped away. Archer's demands were straightforward. From a character perspective, the development is light. The plot was a bit thin. It is the ageplay and the fetishes that really carry the book. This book is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy ageplay including a strict nanny, wet nurse and disciplining Daddy.

*ARC provided by Blushing Books


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