Review: Stormchaser

Stormchaser Stormchaser by Cherry Adair
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The long wait is finally over. Ms. Adair returns to the paranormal world of Cutter Cay. This book can be read as a standalone. Stormchaser focuses on the half-brother, Jonah who wants to be just as an amazing treasure hunter as his three brothers. When he finds a sunken Chinese ship off not far from the Greek Isle, is believes he's struck gold. Because what is under the ship is what really makes all the difference in the world. Trying to keep his find secret, he needs a leading archeologist who won't believe his find to try and disprove it. This marine archeologist is none other than Calista. Calista is more than meets the eye. Her private ties are in direct conflict with Jonah and she's determine to support he man who helped her. To do this, she will gleefully steal Jonah's find out from under him.

The premise of this book is filled with conflict. There is betrayal after betrayal as well as messy emotions. I probably could have done without those pieces as it's a bit drama laden for me. What really pulled me to this book is the underwater city Jonah finds. I love how Ms. Adair creates a possible scenario for this city as well as how it came to be and what is protecting it. The paranormal parts as well as the mystery of strange occurrences kept me riveted. I'm just as intrigued as Calista.

From a character perspective, I liked both Jonah and Calista. Their conflict is understandable. Their sexual tension and romantic interest didn't really do much for me. It fell a bit flat. The only time it was a bit interesting was when another woman tried to flirt and play with Jonah. The lustful female's seduction was so terrible it was hilarious. As a sexual romance, this story contains several steamy sex scenes. These are catered to the romance reading crowd who enjoy sexy men getting it on with bookish yet beautiful women. The sex is straight up vanilla and sweet.

The ending felt rushed and I wished there was more to it. I hoped that there would be more about the secret society as well as the underwater city. Alas, we are left with a cliffhanger on that subplot. For the main romance plot, it is a nice happily ever after as expected from Ms. Adair. This book is recommended to paranormal romance lovers who have a thing for lost cities and alpha males.

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