Review: A Sure Thing

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A Sure Thing by Marie Harte
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved The MacCauley Brothers? Then you won't want to miss the Donnigan brothers. Ms. Harte kicks off another fantastic erotic series with alpha males with ties to two other series. This first one starts out so good. It features Landon Donnigan. He is a career military man whose job is cut short with a medical discharge. This doesn't stop him from being a marine. Once a marine, always a marine!

Landon is slowly adjusting to civilian life. He tags along with his brother to a fitness center to work out. When he is there, he notices a cute woman who is working out inefficiently. Landon can't help himself from fixing Ava's posture. Ava is put off by this aggressive meat head. He isn't her type and he is also bossy. The last thing she wants is a muscle bound pushy male telling her what to do. She does not expect him to ask her out even after she's turned him down. How she ends up on a date with him is still confusing her.

Ms. Harte does a fabulous job of showing how the characters appear from another person's perspective. Ava possesses a certain idea of what she thinks she is like, and that does not exactly match how Landon perceives her. The vice versa is true. This seemingly opposite attracts love story turns out to be a sweet complementary relationship between the two. Ava and Landon are made for each other. Once Ava finally stops lying to herself, the story really takes off.

Regarding the sex, do we really need to talk about it? This is Ms. Harte. If this is the first Ms. Harte book you are reading, then be prepared for smoking hawt sex. Landon likes to talk dirty and it is deliciously erotic. He knows what he likes and he can read a female's response very well. Ms. Harte excels at writing erotic. Her sex scenes alone are worth reading the book. What is impressive about her stories is that it contains it all - humour, character development, good plot line and fantastic sex. The chemistry between Landon and Ava would make a Geiger counter go off. This erotic romance is a must read and recommended to all reader who enjoy alpha males and the women who love them.

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