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Witch Witch by Kethric Wilcox
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Some secrets revealed and a confrontation years coming
Kieran and Cory continue their relationship in this second book in the series. This story starts off right where the first one left off. It is recommended to read this series in the order it is written. This is not a standalone. This story is the one that shares the history of the Silver witch. The prophecy of a werewolf and a silver witch coming together is starting to materialize and many do not want this to happen.

The conflicts in this story are interesting. It sets up how a matriarchal society can be evil, sexist and cruel. It mirrors several patriarchal groups and exaggerates it. This extrapolation makes that more apparent how corrupt a group of people can become when it becomes so inclusive. There are many things wrong about the Beauty clan, Kieran's mother's family. This story keeps hinting at it but never really reveals it all.

The focus of this story is Kieran and Cory's budding relationship. It is sweet and supported by Cory's family and Kieran's uncle. There is a back story to Kieran's uncle and yet that is kept under wraps too. This story is riddled with skeletons in closets. It seems no one is as they appear to be. As Kieran and Cory plan their wedding, a villain from the first book makes another appearance.

I found this book to be a bit odd. I enjoy the Beauty and the Beast reinterpretation. It just seems there are two conflicting plot lines. Or maybe three. The first is Kieran inheriting the full power of the Silver Witch and this somehow impacts the Beauty matriarchy. Then there is the kinky evil villain who wants to ride Kieran as his personal sex toy pony. Third, the dark werewolves have some plan to take down the House of Beauty. Pulled in several directions, it is not clear for me if they will all tie together. By the end of this story, it is left with a bit of a cliffhanger may convince a reader to immediately dive into the next book. I do want to know how this all ends. This m/m fantasy is recommended to readers who enjoy a fairy tale retold.

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