Review: Zero to Sixty

Zero to Sixty Zero to Sixty by Marie Harte
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love the bad boys? This series is for you. This third book features Sam. Sam is kind of a jerk and quite insecure with his relationships. Why? Because he knows what it is like to be tossed aside and unwanted no matter what you do. This story broke my heart a little. We learn about Sam in a previous book as he sabotage's his best friend's relationship. To learn more about the backstory, reading this series in order would help. It is still fine to read this book as a standalone. There is enough information to bring a reader up to speed.

From a character perspective, Sam is an anti-hero. Or maybe he is a boy who was beat down too early and often that he is now like the puppies he rescues. He is afraid of building relationships and has severe trust issues. There are many parallels between Sam and the rescue dogs he saves. It is a bit of a tear jerker, especially when Sam is just like a puppy being adopted by Ivy Stephens.

Ivy is a great character. She is affection yet tentative. She too has been burned and knows what it feels like not measuring up. She is the perfect love interest for Sam. Their interactions are awkward and hilarious. It is sweet how they try hard and sometimes embarrass themselves. Still, the chemistry between them is hawt. It is a Ms. Harte story so it is a given for sweaty bed bouncing goodness. This story could just be a hook up, but it is much more. It is a self-actualization journey for Sam. He finally realizes who he is and how he is worthy. In addition, he learns to finally trust the bonds he's build over the years. And that it is okay to make new ones and let destructive ones go. This erotic romance will send a reader into orbit with pleasure and also break their hearts with Sam's neglected past. This book is recommended for hopeless romantics who love their happily ever afters.

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