Review: Beware Falling Ice [Suncoast Society]

Beware Falling Ice [Suncoast Society] Beware Falling Ice [Suncoast Society] by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A kinky family is one of choice because sometimes, blood family are not nice and should be left behind. Rachel is an independent woman who still shakes when she returns to her aunt and uncle's place. Whilst her nasty relatives may have given her a shelter over her head, they also treated her abysmally. She grits her teeth and returns to the narrow-minded community to support her brother's graduation. Fortunately, Rachel's play partner, Andrew, volunteers to run interference. How bad could it possibly be? Famous last words…

The kink in this story takes a bit of a back seat with the plot focused on Rachel. Returning to where she grew up complete with bad memories of how she survived her parents' death was not ideal for Rachel. What I liked about this series is that Ms. Dalton showcases people from all walks of life coming to the kinky lifestyle. Based on Rachel's upbringing, a reader could postulate that she would never do anything remotely kinky. Especially when her uncle placed her in a bad position that could have turned out worse. Rachel is a determined female who rose above those who tried to bring her down. I admired this survivor skill in a character. She didn't turn hateful or try to fight fire with fire. She chose to ignore them and move on with her life. Much healthier than fixating on the wrongs.

The kink in this story is as always spot on. This one is a bit more sweet and fun. Andrew and Rachel's relationship needed that little bit of kick to take it to the next level. The two are cute together and it seems like a long time coming. What I also appreciated in this story is the humour and the description of mishaps. Many times erotic stories make kinky sex seem perfect. This can be intimidating and unachievable. In reality, there are funny mishaps and Ms. Dalton's sexcapades gone wild had me bursting out laughing. They are vividly described and completely plausible. Loved the attack of the vibrator scene.

This erotic novel is recommended for kinky romance lovers who enjoy a glimpse into the realities of kink.


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