Review: Beware Falling Rocks

Beware Falling Rocks @TymberDalton Lovers of Cardinal Rule, this is a book for you. Bit of a tear jerker.
Beware Falling Rocks by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

This story loosely follows the previous book, Beware of Falling Ice. It can be read as a standalone but it is better read after the previous. It is not necessary to read the entire series to understand what is going on in this book.

This one is a bit of a tear jerker. For readers who fell in love with Cardinal Rule by Ms. Dalton, this one generates a similar feel, just not as intense. Ms. Dalton show the negative side of an open marriage. Or specifically when a married couple is not open and honest with each other. If just one partner in the marriage doesn't want to open the marriage, it is a disaster waiting to happen. Ms. Dalton shows the aftermath when play partners who are not married get screwed.

Paul was happily married. He had his cake and ate it, too. He loved his wife and enjoyed having Lynn as a kink partner. What could go wrong? My unsolicited opinion is, don't marry a person who isn't into kink and expect it to work out. Rather than drag the reader through a messy jealousy-ridden drama, Ms. Dalton skips to the aftermath.

Lynn's been without her Dom for two years. The break between her and Paul broke her heart and she could barely function. What is even sadder is that Paul was still no happier away from her. It isn't as if his marriage healed and everything became better. The complexities of this tangled threesome relationship is explained well and all too realistic. I am always impressed with how Ms. Dalton educates readers on the intricacies of a poly relationship. It captures both the good and bad without passing judgment.

The plot of this story is one of those dream come true ones. Lynn's sudden windfall into good fortune makes it so that she can reexamine the priorities in her life. This is the fantasy part of the story that I daydream about too, especially after a particularly hard day at the office. I loved what Lynn does with her good fortune. How she and Paul get back together is interesting. It reminds me of when my best friend decided to get back with the girlfriend who broke his heart. He did it behind my back because he knew I would disapprove and flip out… just like Lynn's best friend, Terrie. Terrie did remind me of yippy Yorkshire Terrier. It is good that Lynn is strong enough to make her own decisions and move forward.

The rekindling of a love that never died is a beautiful story. It isn't an easy journey back and Ms. Dalton throws many obstacles in the way of these two lovers. Still, this story is more happily ever after with a sweet ending. This erotic romance is recommended to hopeless romantics who love second chance themes.


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