Review: The Billionaires

The Billionaires The Billionaires by Calista Fox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Modern day Romeo and Juliet star-crossed lover Jewel Catalano and Rogen Angelini meet again more than a decade after they have been separated. Jewel is determined to end the feud and she thinks she has just the right incentive to ease Rogen's father into agreement. What is different about this loosely reinterpreted story is the addition of Rogen's best friend, Vin D'Angelo. Vin is Benvolio to Rogen's Romeo.

I have never been a fan of Romeo and Juliet. I realize some hold this story up as the ultimate love story. I found it to be unnecessary foolishness which irked me to no end. Fortunately this story is neither foolish nor unnecessary. I liked the characters in this story. Jewel is a woman who uses her talent to come up with creative ways to make deals. She finds out what her client wants and finds a way to secure their "unicorn" to convince them to make a deal with her. I am impressed with what she does and I think it is fabulous. It is an intense job with high risks. Rogen is a mix of rugged outdoors guy and business suit for his father's large conglomerate. He is the sweet guy with looks, money and sex appeal. Vin is the dark horse. He grew up with both Jewel and Rogen. They were sort of like the three musketeers but more. His past with Jewel is just as complicated as Rogen's.

The misunderstandings in this story really hit hard. A lot of pain could have been alleviated if each of the characters talked it out. However, if they did, then there would be no story. This feud between the families is an odd one and one that doesn't make sense to Rogen, Jewel or Vin. As the ones taking the brunt of it, they suffer the most. This angst is well done as it isn't overly dramatic. What it is, is deliciously sensual because of the forbidden fruit of being together.

Ms. Fox certainly kicks up the heat in this menage with Vin, Jewel and Rogen. The lust between the three is smoking. I liked how it started out with Jewel and Rogen reuniting and then Vin and Jewel. The different relationship Jewel has with each man is a nice distinguishing factor. Vin's sexual prowness is more my speed with his rough intensity. Rogen's sweet and just as hawt love making basically gives Jewel the ability to have her cake and eat it too. This story is a nice blend of overcoming the past hurts and growing closer together. The sex scenes are obviously off the charts hawt, but this story is more than just the great sex. It is a story of love enduring and maturing over time. It is also about families coming together. When the real reason for the feud is revealed, it is shocking and almost too hurtful to bear. It is sad and there were really no good solutions that didn't lead to heart break. Sometimes, life is just unfair and Ms. Fox does a great job of showcasing it.

This erotic romance is recommended to mfm menage lovers who enjoy lovers reunited themes that result in a happily ever after.

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