Review: Bound Together

Bound Together Bound Together by Christine Feehan
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

A tear-jerker from start to finish, Bound Together brings all the Prakenskii brothers back together. Of all the brothers, it is Viktor who moves me the most. This is probably because he is the oldest and has to sacrifice the most to keep his brothers safe. Safe in a way that they do not even comprehend and it is clear the baby of them doesn't even care. I am angry reading this book because Viktor did so much for his brothers and they do not seem to return it. There is a little plot device which this story hinges upon that irks me. The miscommunication in this book is one of the ways that drives me crazy because it could have been so easily avoided. However, without it, there would be a lot less conflict in this book and probably less heartache.

Viktor Prakenskii is the definition of stoic. He maintains a stiff upper lip even when he is tortured, beaten and violated. The abuse heaped upon him and the children he grew up with is horrifying. What is sad is that I can see this happening all to easily in some countries. Viktor's ability as a leader to pull together children and fight back is admirable. The fact that he can still hold a type of honour and walk the talk is even more impressive. All his suffering brings him finally to this end game and it is a long time coming. It is so close, his paradise that I can even taste it. What is his end game? A life with his wife, Blythe Daniels.

Now that threw me for a curve ball. Blythe is married to Viktor and yet no one knows, not even his brothers. How can this be? Talk about a dysfunctional family that does not communicate well. Blythe is the mother hen who takes care of everyone. Her chosen sisters look up to her for support. When Blythe falls apart, her sisters step in and lovingly return the support she's given them over the years. This bond of family is something Ms. Feehan excels at demonstrating. She generates a type of yearning to belong and shows how good it can be, to be part of a family. It is also nice to see that life isn't perfect. What happened to Blythe as a child is terrible and I am appalled at both her mother and aunts. I would not be nearly as forgiving as Blythe was. This makes Blythe the perfect match for Viktor because they come from similar backgrounds of neglect and abuse.

The chemistry between Viktor and Blythe is hawt. Of course, Viktor as a motorcycle club enforcer just screams sexy bad boy looking for trouble. For those who enjoy motorcycle clubs, this story brings it in quite nicely. These men and women are the ones who survived their childhood due to Viktor's determination. Their loyalty is unquestionable. Going "legal" is interesting for them and when they come into Blythe's small town, it is explosive. I like it.

The sex in this story is a bit edgier because Viktor is darker. The tone of this story is also darker which I enjoy. This book is filled with angst and just the right kind which feels like a hot knife stabbing into ribs. Viktor's tale moved me and I felt all sorts of emotions which makes this book memorable and enjoyable. Blythe's loving personality to Viktor's darkness is a nice balance that makes these two fantastic together. They get each other and accept each other just as they are. I love it. This paranormal romance is recommended to romantics who love bad boys with hearts of gold.

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