Review: Dangerous Curves Ahead

Dangerous Curves Ahead Dangerous Curves Ahead by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

This is the third book in the loose three book arc. This can be read as a standalone but better when read after Beware of Falling Ice and Beware of Falling Rock.

After a couple of M/f maledom kink, it is nice to return to some kinky m/m erotica. Even better, it is a threesome-- triple the fun. Justin Rede is Rachel's brother who just graduated from college in the book, Beware of Falling Ice. Eager to escape his oppressive relatives and be closer with his sister, Justin takes a little vacation to Florida. Florida is very different than the more conservative South Dakota and Justin finally feels like he fits in. Even if he blended in with his relatives, he kept his true self hidden--his kinky homosexual self.

This sexual awakening and coming of age tale is sweet and erotically hawt. Justin learning at the hands of experienced dominants, Wade and Glen, is a fantasy come true. It is delicious and smoking hawt. The BDSM scenes between the three men definitely kick up the heat. What turns out to be some fun ends up being more. This tale provides a nice closure as Ms. Dalton closes the circle with Justin's happily ever after. It isn't all rose as Ms. Dalton enjoys throwing obstacles in the path of new lovers. I like when she does this because it makes the love feel more earned. As in the characters are invested in this relationship and put effort in to make it work. Nothing is ever easy for Ms. Dalton's characters.

From a character perspective, Wade, Glen and Justin are all nice guys. Wade and Glen may be sadists in the sack, but they are like cuddle bunnies in bed. I like this contrast and makes their kink scenes that much hotter for me. This erotic romance is recommended for m/m ménage lovers who enjoy kinky alpha men.


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