Review: Dark Alpha's Lover

Dark Alpha's Lover Dark Alpha's Lover by Donna Grant
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Paranormal romance lovers who enjoy alpha males, intrigue and star-crossed lovers, this is the book for you. This series is a spin off of the Dark Kings series and it is the fourth in this series. It can be read as a standalone as Ms. Grant does an excellent job of making needed references and keeping the stories self contained. It is recommended to read all the books because it will give a better view of the world and all the interconnected characters.

This series focuses on the "Reapers". Just as their title suggests, they are ones who bring about death. Those who read Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter books, the Reapers have a similar deal for their resurrection, except the person holding the reins to their existence is no where near as evil as Artemis. Instead, Death is a kind and loving mistress who learns from her mistakes. In fact, in my mind, she looks like Death in Neil Gaiman's Sandman series.

In this tale, Fintan, one of Death's Reapers is set to find out what is so special about the halfling, Catriona. Cat herself is not sure of why the Fae want her dead as she has lost her entire family other than her grandfather. She hates being part Fae and wants no part of their world or their magic. This story is more of a magical journey awakening the powers Cat has and bringing love and emotion back into Fintan's life. Both of them have experienced a solitary life which makes them perfect for each other. As they learn about each other, the more they like what they see.

From a romance perspective, it is a nice sweet romance. Some may find it to be insta-lust or insta-love, I found it to be more love at first sight. This budding relationship isn't perfect as there are reservations from both Fintan and Cat. I liked that it wasn't easy. I also liked how Cat still stood up to be her own person and didn't let someone else overpower her. The chemistry between the two characters is sensual and sweet. The sex is a bit too tame for me, but that is because I read a lot of erotica. For a paranormal romance, it is just right.

The intrigue in this book carries on as we learn more about Death and her possible weakness. I am hooked and want to read the next book because there are hints of something bigger. And the continued theme of lovers that should not be but end up finding their happily ever after is alluring. Ms. Grant writes a good premise of all the obstacles that would prevent the mating from happening. Yet she sets it up so that little nuggets of information and things along the way make it possible in the end. This is well done and generates the right kind of conflict to elicit emotion and angst yet end in a satisfied and happy ending. This book and series is recommended to all paranormal romance lovers. It is a book with wide appeal and spell binding writing.

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