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Hurricane Hurricane by Cherry Adair
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Following on the heels of Stormchaser, a reader would be hard pressed to care about Rydell. From all accounts, the guy is a jerk and gets what he deserves. As the old adage goes, there are two sides to every story. Rydell's story is sad and breaks my heart a bit. He is not a bad guy and he isn't even unscrupulous. He is painted in a very bad light and it appears no one has his back. He is all alone. I came into this story ready to hate Rydell. Instead, this anti-hero is really not an anti-hero. He is a man who has lost much and done everything he can to still provide for the ex-wife who threw him away.

This story made me very angry. Violently angry as the story unfolds and exposes the heinous conspiracies against Rydell. The horribly shabby way that Rydell is subject to makes me furious and makes him more endearing to me. Addison, his ex-wife is a self-righteous, flighty floozy. Ms. Adair tries to paint her out as a woman wronged and justified for the actions she takes. Instead, Addison comes across as a spoiled clueless socialite who is shallow and vain. I did not like her one bit. Even after learning the trauma she experienced, it does not move me. Why? Because she comes across as too stupid to live. Fact, her mother hates Rydell. Fact, Rydall loved her and would do anything for her. So when Rydell behaves in a way that makes no sense, does she confront him in person? No. She just closes down and lets others who have never had her best interests at heart take over. And this is why I despise Addison and find her worthless.

Whilst the plot hints at treasure hunting, this story's focus is more about the dysfunctional relationship Addison has with everyone: her ex-husband, former friends, mother and fiancé. There is a bit of suspense which works well with the plotline as it explains both her fiancé and mother. In addition, it just shows Addison off in worse light because now she comes across as naïve and extremely foolish. Truly, it is a marvel how she survives in this world.

The sexual tension between Rydell and Addison is the only redeeming thing about Addison. Her responses to Rydell generate a guilty pleasure which amuses me. Rydell is sex on a stick. He is a demanding lover and a rather thoughtful person. It is interesting to see how shoddily he's been portrayed. Ms. Adair does an excellent job of un-tarnishing his armour and restoring him to a white knight. This romantic suspense is recommended to romance readers who love anti-heroes with a heart of gold.

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