Review: Rule Breaker

Rule Breaker Rule Breaker by Sienna Snow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Technie women unite! New to me author, Ms. Snow wows me with this new series. I picked this book up on a lark, not expecting much. With many authors still jumping on the BDSM bandwagon, I normally prepare myself for disappointment. Ms. Snow writes a moving tale, pulling me into kinky erotica, intrigue, betrayal and love rekindled.

Arya Rey is the kind of female protagonist I admire and understand. She works in the world I live in and she's made it to the top. She is an inspiration to women in the technology field. To top it off, she is Indian. It is rare that I come across a book where the female lead is Indian with a nice blend of American Indian traits. The authenticity of Arya's character as a minority female certain caught my attention. But this isn't a story about race or focused on the sexual lure from the Orient. This story is about rising from the ashes, reborn and stronger. Arya is a complex character who is a survivor, not a victim. She may be fragile on the inside, but her exterior is solid and she can take on the world. Her professionalism is impressive, even when her ex-lover, Max comes into the picture.

Max's company may be doing a friendly merger with Arya's but his personal business is all hostile takeover. I am not sure if I really liked Max. He is arrogant, pushy and determined to force Arya back into his arms and loving bondage. If this was a non-con BDSM piece, it would have pushed me over the erotic edge and into erotic ecstasy. This is an erotic romance so I found Max to be a bit off putting. He does have his reasons and I still think he isn't really the best for Arya. Arya suffered so much and Max, he just seems to not be able to connect the dots and understand. He keeps pushing and pushing to the point of a bit stalkerish for me. Still, Ms. Snow keeps him from crossing the line. Near the end, I did accept his desire to be back with Arya.

From a BDSM kink perspective, very erotic and totally glitterkink. I do enjoy glitterkink and this club is fantastic. I wish this club did exist and that I could afford going. Ms. Snow designs a kink fantasy club complete with beautifully attractive members. Reality for most clubs is a bit different. The BDSM scenes are well done. They are plausible if a bit light in the description. It does show Ms. Snow researched the scenes well or she's participated a little. I enjoyed each one of the kink scenes and could have appreciated more of them. This erotic romance is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy lovers reunited themes. This book is definitely recommended as a Gateway to BDSM.

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