Review: Rule Master

Rule Master Rule Master by Sienna Snow
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

When Milla decides to crash and burn, she does it in a spectacular fashion. Book two in this series is a non-stop roller coaster ride as Milla confuses her husband, Lex, to no end. This book can be read as a standalone but is better read in the correct order. Rule Breaker, the first in the book is a fantastic read.

This book is an erotic experience in frustration. Or is it blue balls? Milla is trying to recover from a trauma and instead of staying with her hidden husband, she isolates herself with her parents. This is the mother who treats her like something to be scraped off the bottom of a shoe. Let me get this straight. Instead of healing and being loved by your confidante and husband, run to a hostile place where you are treated poorly. Milla may have smarts when it comes to numbers and finances, but nothing when it comes to common sense.

This book from an erotic perspective is sweet and right up my alley. The kink in this story is milder than the first for good reason. It is still just as delicious. The characters are well crafted and pull a reader in. Specifically, I fell for Lex. In the first book, as a secondary character he is just okay. In this one, when the reader learns about the past ten plus years of his life and what he goes through, it may leave them speechless. I loved Lex. He is an amazing man and a commanding dominant. His style, thoughtfulness, everything about him is a dream guy. Even his shady criminal family history is fine by me. It only makes him more attractive.

Milla on the other hand, I lost all respect for in this book. In the first one, she played an excellent supporting role to her best friend. In this one, Milla comes across as immature, foolish and too stupid to live female. She is the one who cuts off her proverbial nose to spite herself. Her behaviour and irrational justifications is what brought the book down for me. I did not like her and felt little sympathy. Yes she suffered a trauma. But everything afterwards is of her own making. The casual cruelty she doles out to the one who loves her most is almost unbearable for me to watch. The fact that she kids herself that it is for his own good is laughable. I am sure some readers will identify with her fuzzy logic. I could not and it caused me to experience frustration with her. Basically, Lex is too good for Milla. Lex deserves someone who is better. Someone who doesn't hide him nor disavow her vow of love. Just thinking about what Milla put Lex through again makes me angry.

This story is well written with the good balance of erotica and plot. The conflicts make sense, especially dealing with a female who is emotional and illogical. The pace of the book moves quickly and it is difficult to put the book down. At times it is like a watching a train wreck, I just could not look away. Each mistake Milla makes just compounds the problems. Still, this is a romance novel and Ms. Snow brings it nicely to a happily ever after. I did feel a little bit gipped as because I hoped for more ramifications or a comeuppance against Milla's despicable mother. This erotic romance is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy angst, foolish females and understanding males. This book is also recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

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