Review: Absolute Power Exchange – Twenty Years Later

Absolute Power Exchange – Twenty Years Later Absolute Power Exchange – Twenty Years Later by Candace Blevins
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People ask me if it is possible to have BDSM lifestyle after children. Personally, I have no children so I can't speak to it. I do have friends who are in the lifestyle with children. I have friends who are in the lifestyle and their parents are into the lifestyle. So many answer is yes, it can be possible. But what if you wanted to be in a TPE and still have kids? Is that possible? If you have that question, this book is for you.

Ms. Blevins states this is a fictional book but I wonder. For those who are familiar with the author through her author Facebook group as well as through her blog posts, it is clear Ms. Blevins is in a TPE with her husband and she also has *shudder* two teenage daughters. This story showcases a husband and wife, getting back into the TPE they enjoyed pre-children. This is not for the mild of heart. For those who have never read intense anal training nor appreciate the nuances of being a "sex toy", this book is not for you. Walk away. For those who want to see what it is like to be trained and used for his pleasure, this book is insightful.

The anal training Ms. Blevins focuses on always gets me. Gets me as in... WTF did I just read and why would anyone allow this to happen. And why on EARTH would a lover want to put their cherished loved one through so much pain? I admit, I hate the husband in this story at times. I want to beat him. He's sadistic and too much. But then, I think about experiences I've had where the pain has been something I didn't really like, but I suffered through because the person doing it to me enjoyed it so much. And because he enjoyed it, I really enjoyed it. How did he and I know I enjoyed it? I was wet and dripping from my pussy. That's how I know. So whilst readers may find that the training could be too much and just not pleasurable, this is not the case. Because submissives find pleasure when their dominant enjoy their pain and suffering. It is a hard thing to explain and best experienced.

What I enjoyed about this book is how Ms. Blevins shows the before and after children. I liked how the wife is not perfect and it is okay. The punishments are intense as expected from Ms. Blevins and I will not lie that I winced and shuddered in fear for some of the punishments. Is this an erotic story? Maybe, maybe not. Is this a clear example of what TPE can be if it includes a sadist and a masochist? Definitely. Each of the punishments and training in this story is realistic if a bit much for the causal player. Would I use this as a guide to SM TPE? Probably not, unless this type of play is already in the relationship dynamic.

This condensed novella is a lovely piece showcasing a couple who likes their cane and beats it too. Highly recommended for maledom readers who are exploring SM and TPE.

* Gifted by the author as an arc for an honest review

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