Review: Her True Match

Her True Match Her True Match by Paige Tyler
My rating: 3.5 5 stars

Dreya doesn't know she is not the only one, but she does know she is different. Is she a monster? Possibly. With her biggest champion dead, one would think she would stop with the cat burglary. But no, she can not control herself. Unluckily for her, Braden catches her in the act... and on video. Caught, what is a girl to do? This latest book in this series is best enjoyed after reading the first 5 books. Still, it can be read as a standalone. Ms. Tyler does an excellent job with recaps.

This story is sweet and a bit frustrating. Sweet because the courtship between Dreya and Braden is a nice and slow mating dance. It is obvious Braden has a thing for bad girls even if he is straightlaced. The tension between the two is realistic as Dreya is fearful of coming out as a monster. Braden struggles with his ethics but when it comes down to it, their animal attraction is too great. When they finally work together as a pair instead of adversaries. The erotic parts are steamy and just right.

So why is this story frustrating? More questions than answers appear and a main character is offed. There is this evil conspiracy plot going for several books now and still very little movement. It is slow to develope and it feels as if it will always be in the backseat to the erotic romance. It would be nice if the evil villains and the secret rebels get more of a highlight. Perhaps in the next book, there will be more.

From a worldbuilding, this book continues to build up nicely. The suspense and covert operations part is captivating and well written. I enjoyed the fast pace of this book as well as the romance. This paranormal suspense is recommended to readers who like alpha males and bad girls teaming up.


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