Review: Hunter

Hunter Hunter by Kethric Wilcox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The conclusion to this trilogy is fast-paced and bittersweet. The book starts right up after Kieran's been taken out by werewolves. Cory is beside himself. The "master" dark one is still hot on Kieran's tail. Well, he wants in on Kieran's tail once he can get Kieran in bondage. Kinky!

This story is hard to categorize because it is paranormal and a fairy-tale retold. Yet it has dark elements of BDSM in the non-con way. Sadly, kink is portrayed negatively in this book. Still, I liked it because it would have been interesting to see Kieran and Cory as sex slave boy toys. Yes, I'm that jaded. I digress.

Cory and Kieran work through quite a bit to figure out how to take down the werewolves, specifically the Alpha. What they learn about the past and the skeletons in Beauty's line is a bit horrific to them. It isn't surprising because it is a deal with the devil. The way Beauty and the women of her line are portrayed in this story continues to show cowardice and evil. As if any woman with a power will turn out to be a femi-nazi delighting in castrating males and stepping on other females to get to the top. This different perspective kind of reminds me of Gregory Maguire and his book, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.

The erotic sex between Cory and Kieran is decent. It's a m/m love fest for the couple in their honeymoon phase. Their sex is a bit too tame for me, but that's because of the dark non-con hinted in the story. Compared to the kinky stuff the dark side does, the vanilla sex is a bit meh. Still, the two are sweet together.

Why did I say this story is bittersweet? Because of the end, how Kieran is able to save them and still make it work. There is a little bit of plot twist that caught me off guard and saddened me a smidgen. It was nicely done and with an epilogue, it is all fixed up, but still, it was a sacrifice that was both a bit mature of Kieran and high-handed. He really is his father's son, making decisions for others without their consent, because he thinks he knows better. This paranormal romance is recommended to m/m readers who enjoyed the first two books and good triumphing over evil.

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