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Of Humans and Monsters Of Humans and Monsters by Candace Blevins
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Are we not all monsters underneath the human skin? The third book in this fantastic series picks up not too long after the second book ended. This book is just as fast paced and filled with more world building, erotic sex and complications. For those who loved how Anita Blake started in LKH's books, this is the series to read. Because Kirsten is so much more. Plus, the erotic sex in this book is so very hawt. This book should not be read as a standalone. Read the series in order for the best experience.

Kirsten is pulling back from the supernatural world because she is a mom and wants to have a normal life. However, whilst she is human, her powers make her "other". No matter how much she wants a "normal" human life, it isn't going to happen because she has caught too many supernatural's attentions. What would be interesting is if a few more strong female supernaturals became interested in Kirsten. Still, it is great to see Kirsten's friends include power female shifters.

I really enjoyed this story more than I thought I would. I have already read the story five times since this review. And then I went back and re-read the first two books again. This series is entertaining, erotic and complex. The world building is fantastic. There are multiple layers and there is a mix of different mythos that keep me thinking and fascinated. The little pieces of information on how powers work in this world are well thought out and make sense to me. For example, in the previous books, chakras are introduced in how Kirsten does what she does. Now, we learn how brains can function faster based on some hand coordination skills learned. It has made me want to pick up juggling. What is intriguing is how the story includes different cultures, religions and people of different ethnic descent.

I love the characters too. Specifically, I admire Kirsten and how she handles alpha males. She can also be blunt when she needs to be. Kirsten feels more real because the inner dialogue that occurs sometimes shows how Kirsten would really like to respond, she acknowledges her feelings and then modifies her response because she is a mature adult. When she's exhausted and tired, it is nice to see her breakdown and not be so perfect. There are many changes for Kirsten to go through and it is surprising that she is still standing at the end. The changes to Kirsten's powers are increasing quickly yet they make sense because it is all an extension of her existing. It is as if her brain power is allowing her to jump to next levels like quantum physics.

The secondary characters in this full cast mean more when one reads the other series that tie in. Nathan, Aaron, Randall, Dawg and a few others mean more to me because I knew them from other stories. It is nice to see how they are portrayed consistently yet a bit differently depending on the different characters' perspective. Randall behaved as expected and in one scene I wanted to slap him hard upside the head. I felt the same as Kirsten. Nathan is really starting to grow on me. I keep hoping for a BDSM scene with him yet I am a bit intimidated because he definitely is a sadist. Dawg featured more than expected in this book and it is so bloody hawt. Two words: Playful Dom. Be still my rapidly beating heart. The erotica in this book is right up my alley and blazing hot. I enjoyed every single lick be it from a tongue or an implement. Finally Kirsten's "special" cherry is POPPED! And boy is this an intense and delicious panty wetting scene. Ms. Blevins is one of the best kinky author and she succeeds in creating an erotic urban fantasy. Who knew urban fantasy could get so kinky?

Whilst reading this book, with so much going on and several subplots occurring at the same time, I started to fret. The book is a nice lengthy one and I am enjoying every minute, but will everything be resolved in this book? I couldn't see it happening as new subplots came to light. At the 50% mark, I was astounded with how much had happened and there was still half the book left. What would happen? Turns out, a lot happens and then it is over. It is an odd feeling when reading a book thinking that it is so long and then when it is over, thinking, how did it finish so fast? This book ends with me wondering what will happen next. Fortunately, I learned this is a series with many books planned to come. I eagerly look forward to every single one. This is my favourite series from Ms. Blevins as I have read each of the three books many times. This urban fantasy is highly recommended to readers who enjoy suspense, good versus evil and evocative erotica.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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