Review: Desperately Seeking Starlight

Desperately Seeking Starlight Desperately Seeking Starlight by Zenina Masters
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Dragons are special in the way they are born, raised and how knowledge is transferred to them. Oksana's birth should have been a time of great rejoicing. Instead, it marked of day of utter violation against her legacy. Her mother's books and possessions were ransacked and stolen from Oksana whilst she was unable to defend herself. Born with a grudge against most of fey, it is irony that her potential mate may be a fey, found at the Crossroads.

Another fun one to read, Ms. Master delights readers with her characters. Oksana comes across as a strict forbidding dragon with immense power and knowledge. This hides her dry humour and sometimes whimsical nature. When paired up with Hyther, a fey who made a mistake a long time ago, sparks flame and there is retribution to be doled out. Hyther is a more humble fey after years of experience and also learning from his mistakes. His courtship dance with Oksana is a bit more dangerous than others because she does have a legitimate axe to grind with him.

Ms. Masters weaves an amusing tale of sweet apologies and positive actions of restitution from Hyther. The misunderstandings in this story is the crux of the conflict in the story and it works out believably at the end. For those who fancy dragons and enemy turned lover themes, this is the book for you.

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