Review: The Devil's Triangle

The Devil's Triangle The Devil's Triangle by Catherine Coulter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Suspenseful, unexpected and x-file paranormal - this latest book with Nicholas and Mike is thrilling. This is a page turner for me as it hits all my happy buttons. Nicholas and Mike are contacted by Kitsune, an extraordinary thief they crossed paths with whilst working on a case. They did not expect her to reach out to them for help. Despite her criminal ways, she possess a certain type of charm which entices the duo to help her out. Because there is no such thing as honour among thieves, as Kitsune's latest job demonstrates.

Every so often, Ms. Coulter flirts with psychic elements in her stories. In this story, she bring it in subtly at first and then it comes in hard and fast. For those who enjoy her romantic suspense and do not like anything psychic or paranormal, pass this book. You will not enjoy it. For those of us who believe "There are more things in heaven and earth" this book will delight. This book blends in two unexplainable phenomena/artifacts that intrigue many. Specifically, the poses answers to The Ark of the Covenant and the Bermuda Triangle. I am amazed at how Ms. Coulter intersects these two different items. The amount of research and creativity needed to construct this story is unfathomable for me. The speculation required to make this possible is truly a remarkable gift. On top of all of this, there are several subplots weaving in and out of the main plot. Plus the character development and the continued world building is complex and rich. Reading this story must be savoured to appreciate and detect the nuances and the hidden gems which may be mentioned in future books in this series. After reading this book, I went back and re-read the first three books and came away with more insight than the first time I read them. Who knows what the next book will bring to light?

Whilst this is a book with Nicholas and Mike in it, the star of the show is Kistune. She reminds me of an Asian Catwoman. Kistune is mischievous, intelligent and dangerous. Her ability to be prepared and to take advantage of any situation is impressive. She is a character who glamourizes the wrong side of the law. She possess a certain moral compass which makes her out to not be a bad guy, but she isn't exactly a good guy either. She is complicated with her motives and now with a husband who sides more with right than wrong, it is changing her. Not sure if the change is all together good because it makes her softer in some ways. Makes her vulnerable to the wrong people. This conflict makes the story more interesting and more believe. Because the untouchable and unflappable Kistune is suddenly not so perfect. It only makes her more appealing.

This suspense story is recommended to readers who enjoy paranormal themes and anti-heroes working with the white knights.

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