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Dirty Irish Dirty Irish by Sara Brookes
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An alpha male submissive is a rare sighting, something Natalie knows quite well. Natalie is a dominant who delights in sexual erotic tortures. The last submissive she wanted to commit herself to only broke her heart. Gun shy about relationships and long term play partners, Natalie goes through the motions with little interest. On top of this, her brother is denying her repeated requests to see him. Still, she loves him and remembers him from when they were young. Hiring an attorney to help him is the least she can do. At odds with the most important men in her life is utterly soul crushing. Thankfully with a few friends and her new motorcycle family, she is going to drink herself through St. Patrick's day. Unlucky for her, the submissive she loved, McKinley, shows back up to ruin her carefree fun.

I enjoy femdom books where the female dominant is a sexually sadist who tempers each punishing torment with a loving smile. Natalie is definitely one of these types of dominants. Ms. Brookes creates a wonderful example of a strong resilient female dominant. The kinky scenes in this story lean more into edging and deferred gratification. Both are favourites of mine - the BDSM in this book is arousing and filled with explosive heat. Natalie builds the erotic fire in McKinley yet keeps him on such a tight leash that when he is finally released, it is explosive. I loved it! What I did not love so much was McKinley.

McKinley is a conflicted submissive. The romantic conflict in this story is all due to McKinley's in ability to communicate. He plays the jerk-off motorcycle "club" member well. Inconsiderate, full of bravado and irrational jealousy all apply to McKinley. Quite frankly, I am not sure what Natalie sees in him other than his grudging submission when he gets out of his own head and finally feels. Sure McKinley seems to be a great sexual play partner, but as far as dependability, loyalty, and trustworthiness, these are all sorely lacking. Plus he lies due to some noble reason rationalized in his head. This is what breaks the story down for me. When McKinley speaks, it ruins the book. Some men should just smile, look good and not talk. McKinley is one of those, until he can get his head out of his ass completely. One could argue McKinley redeems himself at the end. I am not so sure. He seems flighty. He is the type of guy with bags packed and ready to flee at a moment's notice.

The ending is as expected. When McKinley is forced to ponder a life without Natalie for good, he changes his tune. For me, it is a little too late. McKinley's relationship with Natalie puts the sweetness in the bittersweet ending. This story is recommended for the erotically charged BDSM scenes.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.

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