Review: Enticement

Enticement Enticement by Sierra Cartwright
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Get ready to be swept off your feet and then tossed to the side. Rinse and repeat. Ella Gibson is a woman on a mission. She is going to find her Mr. Right and this time, he is going to come complete with whips and chains. Ella goes to a BDSM club to find her perfect dominant. Her slight scent of desperation attracts the sharks. Lucky for her, Pierce catches wind of this and takes her under his wing.

Ella's relationship with Pierce is complicated. He is her best friend's brother who has watched over her as an awkward teen. Her crush on him never completely abated as she grew up. When Pierce offers to be her dominant, she is mixed. Pierce exudes alpha male pheromones and attitude. Maybe too much for Ella who is also headstrong. Pierce is also an experienced dominant. There is just something about Pierce that makes Ella weak in the knees.

I loved Pierce. His is the kind of dominant who turns me on to no end. With a military background, I am already drooling and ready to kneel. Ms. Cartwright creates some of the best dominant characters. Pierce is one of my favourites. Pierce's tone, words and body language is vivid to the point that it leaps off the pages. He is the dreamy Dom submissives pine after. Ella is fortunate to receive Pierce's attention and tutoring. Their dynamic is realistic and amusing. Ella is not the perfect submissive which makes her perfect for Pierce. The romance is spicy sweet and believable.

For those who want dripping hawt sizzling BDSM scenes, Ms. Cartwright delivers over and over again. What I like about Ms. Cartwright's scenes is the realism. Sometimes the scene does not go exactly right and that is okay. The submissives are not perfect because they are usually new to the lifestyle so they make newbie mistakes. I also like how the female submissives are usually strong independent women who revel in their sexuality and submissive desires. What is also delicious is how several scenes are teasing, almost edging a reader until they can not take it anymore. Lastly, the BDSM scenes are integral to the loves story and enhance the plot. Ms. Cartwright blends BDSM into the romance so well. Love it! This erotic romance is highly recommended to BDSM readers who love alpha males and strong female submissives.


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