Review: For the Bear's Eyes Only

For the Bear's Eyes Only For the Bear's Eyes Only by Kathy Lyons
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alan is the moody angry bear, literally. I liked Alan. He gives so much to the pack and when he needed them, he is let down so badly. I can understand Alan because he is left out of both worlds. He is a bear shifter but he can't shift so he isn't really one of them. Yet he can not be with humans fully because he is part shifter. Straddling this line where neither worlds will accept him is hard and disheartening. His character is the easiest for readers who have been excluded from a "club" to empathize with. They way he is under appreciated is maddening and it is amazing he even wants to have anything to do with his so called family. When a terrible violation is perpetrated against him and he can finally shift and become part of the "club" through essentially a blood sacrifice, he is now welcome with open arms.

It is interesting to see how become a shifter allows him to be fully accepted in his society. This social commentary is an interesting one to ponder. Does it mean when one conforms to be like everyone, they are finally accepted? Because now, the woman Alan's been interested in but wouldn't give him the time of day is finally showing interest. Tonya Kappes who refuted his love interest is suddenly able to give into the "love" because she can now have his babies! Yes, sarcasm is a language I employ frequently. Since Alan is no longer the quiet and dutiful good boy, Tonya wants him. His bitter bad boy needing to be saved persona attracts Tonya to him like bees to pollen. Once again, this shows that females want to save a bad boy and be damned with the nice guy. Because nice guys finish last. As a side note, nice guys finishing last is only good when in reference to sex.

Relationship dynamics aside, this book's plot kept me interested. The reasons for the crazy mad scientist route to create hybrid shifters out of nightmares are revealed. It is a sad story and whilst it is understandable as to why this happened, it does not sway me to feel sorry for the villains. It just goes to show that revenge plots rarely bring about any type of happy resolution. Fortunately for Alan, following the revenge roadmap at excess speeds, Tonya brings him to a halt before he crashes and burns. This is really the only good thing Tonya is for... well and to be a breeding bear for a new generation of shifters.

Ms. Lyons's series amused me and I enjoyed her writing style. The story flows easily and the characters are not perfect. The flaws in them make them more real even if I may not like them. This story does a nice balance with the different emotions invoked by the conflicts and resolutions. Alan's perspective adds another dimension in this world Ms. Lyons' created. Hope there will be more stories in this shifter world. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like bad boy alpha males saved by the love a tough take no prisoner female.

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