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Kink 101 Kink 101 by Ines Johnson
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KINK 101 follows a young twenty-something debutante exploring her sexuality. Her world of high society, backstabbing frenemies is just waiting to watch her fall. Instead of playing into this world, she decides to take control of her life and step away from their judging eyes. Since her loser ex-boyfriend rejected her sexual needs, Claire ventures into a BDSM club, Black Dahlia, to see what she is missing. This new world is frightening yet exciting. When she meets another newbie, she finds her partner in crime.

This story starts out slow. I nearly put this book down because it dragged on. I felt this way because I am a jaded BDSM reader. The beginning of this story caters to new-to-BDSM readers. The title does suggest this is a 101 training story. From a BDSM accuracy standpoint, it is close to what one would find in a real BDSM club. Many clubs do offer classes with the explosion of new-to-BDSM kinksters searching to learn more about the lifestyle. As with any group of people, there will be those who prey on the innocent and those who protect them. What surprises me about this story is after the halfway mark, it quickly evolves into some blazing hawt BDSM scenes. This is because Claire is a rare bird. She comes apart with pain. The more pain, the more pleasure she experiences. This is a sadist's dream come true. And there are a few sadists who want to torture her so badly. Ms. Johnson does an excellent job of describing Claire's feelings as she experiences each new kink. Her responses are so alluring, even I want to flog, spank and torture Claire. Her responses are sweet music to a sadist and makes them want to hurt her more. Her partner in crime, Devon aka F-Stop, is of a different kink. His sexual responses threw me off. Not in a bad way, but in an unexpected way which makes me look at kink a bit differently. Ms. Johnson places an unexpected twist with how Devon responses to sexual stimulus.

There is one BDSM scenes where Claire and Devon are submissives to two different dominants which pushes me over the edge in pleasure. This scene is what saves the book for me and ends it in a sexual banging haze. I am aroused and intrigued. I can not decide if I would prefer to be Claire, Devon or the dominants. Everyone in the scene received what they want out of it. Fabulous! New-to-me author Ms. Johnson pleasantly surprises me with this delightfully kinky story. Hopefully more in this series will come out soon. This erotica is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy light to hard kink scenes.

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