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White Hot White Hot by Ilona Andrews
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White Hot is aptly name. Buy this book, it is a must read. This follows up right after the first book and it is explosively fast and riveting. Nevada's thrust into the world of Primes continues in this book. Rather than keep a low profile in the PI world, she become embroiled in House war conflicts. Against her better judgment and because she owes Augustine, she takes Cornelius on as a client. He may not be from a high up house, but he still is part of the elite world with influence. When he is turned away from every avenue to seek justice, he goes to Nevada for help. His wife is dead and her employer refuses to acknowledge their part in her death. With no where to turn to find his wife's killer, Nevada agrees to take on the case. This leads her right back into Rogan's territory as she is literally flung into his arms.

I loved this book. I have read it now at least twenty times if not more. Nevada and Rogan are from two different worlds and when they collide, just like one of my favourite INXS song's, "Two worlds collided, And they could never tear us apart". Nevada is learning how to become more ruthless as she learns how to navigate House politics. With Rogan dogging her steps and guiding her, what could go wrong?

Nevada is a complex character who is struggling to keep her identity as she learns she needs to be harder to survive the world she's thrust herself into. She also needs to be ruthless to protect herself and her loved ones. Becoming an intimidating Prime is not high on her list. With her power of interrogation, it only deepens her conflict until she isn't sure if she recognizes herself. What she knows, is she isn't liking how easy killing is becoming. Making powerful enemies only means she needs to even more powerful allies. It is interesting to me that the allies she makes are all men, not women. Whilst Nevada is strong and determined to stand on her own feet, there are a bevy of powerful men, vying to protect her. Rogan is the obvious choice to defend her as he is one BAMF no one wants to mess with. Her relationship with Rogan is interesting because for the most part, it is unbalanced. Rogan is obviously the more experienced in House politics, warfare and intimidation tactics. Plus he has more money than Nevada can conceive. Yet Rogan does not take advantage of her vulnerabilities. Instead, he constantly strives to help her through support instead of securing her up in bubble wrap. Nevada is a match for Rogan because she will not give in easily and she demands to be a partner in all things. Some of my favourite scenes are when Nevada says no to Rogan and his stunned reaction.

This story is more than a complicated relationship romance. It contains a devious plot that started in the first book. As Rogan with Nevada's help uncovers more about the conspiracy, it becomes more personal as both of them become targets. The action scenes move fast and are worth several re-reads. The vivid imagery places a reader right in the heat of the action. Ilona Andrews excels in their action scenes as well as their humour. There are so many excellent scenes filled with stressful tension only to have hilarious commentary delivered in a dry tone. I love this kind of writing. Not to give away any spoilers, but a ninja ferret team are a must have for every PI agency.

There are so many scenes in here that I have book marked and read over and over again. The dialog between characters are superb. The responses between characters shown through action rather than words is fantastic, specifically chalk thrown at a person in frustration is always amusing to me. This second story in the trilogy is a magical follow up to the first. There is magic, intrigue, love, betrayal and sorrow - all rolled up into an intense compact story. It ends with a hook that will make a reader want to read the third book immediately. White Hot is highly recommended to paranormal readers who enjoy a bit of romance and strong characters with integrity.

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