Review: Blood Tide

Blood Tide Blood Tide by C.J. Matthew
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dolphin lovers, there is a new paranormal romance writer in town. Full disclosure, I am a sucker for anything dolphin or water related. The blurb of this story caught my attention at the words, "Save Blue Water". This story is a mix of suspense, shifters and ecological commentary. It is the kind of mix I like because I could have so easily become an eco-terrorist for Green Peace. Not sure if Ms. Matthews meant to add in the details about how this environmental conscious NGO took down dirty dealing companies, but I liked it. It made me wish there really are dolphin shifters like Sy and the rest of her pod. From a conceptual level, this story appealed to me on many fronts.

The execution of the story is mediocre for me. Sy as a character is admirable. She's likeable if a bit too young-adult for me. Although, this probably is required to keep the consistency of her newly shifted human form. There are a few things that were too pat for me. Specifically how Sy gathers her intel plus how she acquires abilities such as running and driving. The way Sy behaves and responds to her fellow pod members and her love interest, Noah comes across awkward to me. She is probably designed this way because this book has a New Adult (YA with sex) feel to it. Since I am not in the demographic for either NA or YA, I am biased.

The world building depicts an utopian society corrupted by humans. Perhaps this is a social commentary? Or an unintentional perspective, leaking out of Ms. Matthew's subconscious into the written word? I have to admit; I agree with her view. The comparing and contrasting between dolphins and human behaviour is on par with those who love dolphins. What is not to love about the dolphin life? They travel the world in a group. They have super pods where they congregate and meet. They play, sleep and eat. Well and other amorous activities or sexual coercion. The tone of this story is light hearted despite the dark theme and character baggage. Ms. Matthew does a nice job of balancing trauma and everyday life. This paranormal romance is recommended for dolphin lovers who enjoy suspense, tortured hero and smart heroine.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.


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