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Silver Silence Silver Silence by Nalini Singh
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A must read new spin-off series from the Psy-Changelings, Ms. Singh serves up another winner. This new focus on the Trinity Accord. There are still groups working to bring the fragile alliance to a crashing halt. It is easier to do evil in the shadows than to do right in the light. This should be the theme of the series. It feels as if every step forward towards healing the world and the people living in it, there is someone undermining it and dragging them three steps back. By being transparent and forthright, the heroes become easy targets to be taken down.

Silver Mercant fits this description. She is a psy and unwilling to break the silence. It is crucial to her survival to not break the silence, no matter how stubborn a bear shifter wants her to do so. Valentin Nikolaev, alpha of the StoneWater Bears, is obstinate, loyal and funny. He courts Silver in a mystifying way. Fortunately for him, his perseverance pays off as it saves Silver's life. This plot device occurs right at the beginning of the book and keeps the story pace humming.

I loved the characters in this story. I usually like the characters Ms. Singh creates. These two: Silver and Valentin are so good for each other. They are the odd couple with how different they behave yet at the heart of it, they are similar. They bring the best out of each other. The romance of this story is more poignant due to the trope of "if you set it free and it comes back to you, then it is true love". The slow seduction of Silver to a full head over heels falling in love is so sweet. When the unthinkable happens, I feel as though my heart is also ripped out and stomped all over. Silver is an admirable foe. She is always call and collected. Even her physical looks are used to intimidate with an "Ice Queen" persona. She represents a very powerful woman who knows how to wield her power, thoughtfully and with intent. I love her. Valentin's power is different. His is more primal which is expected as he is an alpha plus a predator shifter. Being a large bear, he can be grouchy and hard headed. These two seem unlikely lovers yet it works so good.

In some of the books of this world, the story leans more heavily towards romance. Others lean more heavily towards moving a plot forward, as the chemistry between the two characters fall flat for me. In this one, it is perfect balance. We learn more about the organization seeking to destroy order and wreak chaos. We also have a front row seat to a love so strong, it can conquer all. I loved it. I especially loved the glimpses of life within the bear clan. The issues they have add another dimension which makes them more relate-able. The antics of the young and how bears interact with each other is adorable. This levity helps tone down the somber conflicts and gives all the characters some perspective. Ms. Singh does such a nice job of showing the "whys" of fighting for a better life.

This lengthy novel is filled with moments of infectious joy, wry humour and wounding sorrows. The emotions pulled out of a reader as we vicarious experience this journey through both Silver and Valetine's eyes are intense. Ms. Singh does a lovely job of switching multi-third person's view. She hints at some rocky roads ahead whilst tempering it with hard won periods of peace. This flux of uncertainty builds a nice suspense through each of the books. Having read from the very start of this series to where it is now, it is clear, Ms. Singh's writing is maturing. The complexity of the characters, robust world building and intertwining plots create a fantastic world for readers to enjoy. This book is highly recommended to paranormal romance readers who like stoic characters who melt for the right "one".

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