Review: Addiction

Addiction Addiction by Calista Fox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Billionaires who are humble and sexy? Who are these men? In the latest in this series of billionaire men and the women they woo, Liv Tyner is the focus. Liv has always been the nicest girl in their social group. Without a mean bone in her body, she's been doing well for herself since school. She is moving from the acting world into the music industry. No one knows yet, but she is looking to move away from her home in California to be closer to two men she can not forget: Nate Dalton and Tristan Reeves.

Years ago, before any of her friends even thought of menage, she already experienced this forbidden fruit in a wild night in Paris. She kept this smoking hawt one time experience in her spank bank and thought it would remain there. So when Nate and Tristan show back up in California - rich, successful and good looking, it brings back good memories. From a set up perspective, these three are too cute. They are the sweet girl with the two nerdy guys who meet up in a "high school" reunion-esque set up. Their lovers reunited plot is simple and sweet. There is a little conflict and a bit of in your face comeuppance to former bullies in high school.

This is an easy read with sexy menage scenes. For uncomplicated romances with genuinely nice characters, Bayfront Billionaires is the series to read. These smooth contemporary romances are recommended to those looking for spicy threesomes.

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