Review: Buck Naked

Buck Naked Buck Naked by Evangeline Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The search for the fountain of youth is over! Well, at least for Sadie Becker. The best thing that could have happened to her is when her ex-husband divorces her for a younger woman. Hurt, she retreats to her mother's cabin and licks her wounds. Oddly enough, as she looks through some of her mother's things, she notices some discrepancies about her mother's past. Specifically, dates that don't match up and a marriage she never knew about. Then even stranger things happen to Sadie. Specifically, her neighbor is a surly jerk and she suddenly looks half her age. What is going on?

This story is hilarious. I enjoyed the constant misunderstandings because of Sadie's rejuvenation. It is amusing to see how so many people expect others to immediately understand their culture when it is so foreign. People judge others purely by physical attributes instead of by actions. It's a sad commentary of our society which Ms. Anderson illustrates in a lighthearted tongue in cheek manner.

A fan of shifter stories, this one hit all the right spots for me. The characters are well designed. The world building is decent and the plot is well done. This tightly written tale will easily bring a smile to most reader's face. There may also be a couple of spontaneous belly laughs that explode out of no where. I like this new series and hope to read more. It seems there are interesting things going on within Cougarville.

For those who are interested in the sexy parts, they are fine. It is a bit too tame for me since I'm a jaded erotic reader. The chemistry between Sadie and Mathis is... animalistic. I have to admit, Mathis's shifter shape keeps making me think of Bullwinkle.

This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who want a lighter side to shifter life.

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