Review: Deep Into Trouble

Deep Into Trouble Deep Into Trouble by Dawn Ryder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Saxon is a BAMF who takes charge whenever trouble comes looking for him. In this third book in the series, Saxon is ready to take bad guys apart. This third book can be read as a standalone. It would be better to read the books in the order written.

Ms. Ryder is quickly becoming an author I automatically want to read. For those who enjoy Maya Banks' KGI series, Ms. Ryder is the author for you. In this latest book with the sexy Saxon, there is suspense, betrayal and hot sex. Saxon is the quiet killer who showed up in a previous book. I liked his quiet manner of getting things done. He never really becomes riled up. In this book, as the main character, the readers get to see Saxon all hot and bothered by a sexy librarian. Yes, there is a reason why men have a fantasy about librarians and Ginger Boyce is a sterling example of why.

Ginger seems to be a sweet character who is totally out of her element. She's the shy librarian who goes a little wild for some fun and it comes to bite her big time. Luckily for her, Saxon is there to protect her. Their interactions are funny because Ginger is trying to understand this crazy dangerous spy world whilst Saxon is trying to behave and not rip her clothes off. Of course their sexual chemistry sparks and clothes do end up flying off. These two characters make the story as they are relate-able and fun.

The pace of this story is nice and fast. I liked how we moved through the suspense part with the right amount of tension. I enjoyed the slowdowns with the sexy scenes between Ginger and Saxon. Then when their lives are threatened again, it is go-go-go. Some of the secondary characters who back up Saxon are nice to see again. Overall, this book is a fun ride and recommended for romantic suspense lovers.

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