Review: Leather and Grace

Leather and Grace Leather and Grace by Maggie Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quentin is a broken man. His submissive, Beth disappeared years ago and he never got over it. It made him leave the lifestyle for a while. When he is pulled back against his will to help teach a class at the club he partial owns, his world is shaken up. Specifically, a new to BDSM submissive, Grace reminds him of all the reasons why he liked being a dominant. And why it is so good to have a submissive female on her knees, waiting to submit. Grace for her part, is a woman who is finally exploring her submissive desires. When she falls for the sexy "do not touch" instructor, Quentin, things start to get weird.

Always a fan of Ms. Ryan, I know I'm up for some good BDSM. She definitely delivers. The club is fabulous. The BDSM scenes are arousing, especially for those who enjoy D/s and power exchange. What is surprising is the suspense element to this story. It is well done with the right amount of tension. It blends into the BDSM quite well. Used to ageplay stories, this one is quite different and shows a more mature writing style with a complex plot. I liked it! The plot twists in this story make it interesting and keeps my attention. It had me guessing a bit and the ending was nicely done. Tying it back to a cold case, why Beth left packages this story into a tightly woven tale. This tale is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy suspense.

*ARC provided by Blushing Books


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