Review: Lethal Lies

Lethal Lies Lethal Lies by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another fast paced action packed winner from Ms. Zanetti. Confession time, I no longer read the blurbs of the books written by Ms. Zanetti. This is because I know whatever she writes, I want to read it. She's that good of a writer. She is an automatic read and buy author. In this latest one, I really enjoyed the follow up book two in the Blood Brothers series. Whilst this book can be read as a standalone, it is better when read in order.

Anya Best is a woman on a mission. Her sister is dead and it is all her fault. Technically, it is not as Anya didn't kill her, but Anya's the inspiration for the serial killer. Anya's guilt over her sister's brutal torture and slaying convinces her to join forces with Heath. Heath should not be mixed in this serial murder case because of the ties to his past. He can't resist Anya and she is his weakness to bring the past at the heels of his feet.

The plot in this story keeps my attention riveted. I liked both Anya's determination and Heath's self sacrificing ways. Anya's character is easy to empathize with whilst Heath's character wants to make me cuddle him. Yes, Heath is a bad ass but what happened to him as a child hurts to read about. His drive to end the threat to him and his brothers is understandable. Anya and Heath's chemistry is good as they match each other quite well. I'm more interested in the serial killer plot than the romantic element in this story. I still think Ms. Zanetti's stories will be just as good without the romantic elements. I see her more has a suspense and paranormal writer than romantic. Perhaps she will move into the Urban Fantasy genre which does not need romance in it at all.

This book is a pleasure to read from beginning to end. Recommended to romance readers who enjoy the thrill of suspense.

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