Review: The Merman's Kiss

The Merman's Kiss The Merman's Kiss by Tamsin Ley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A melancholy start blends into a beautiful love story with sad undertones. New to me author, Ms. Ley entices me into her world of merman and mermaids. In this world, mermaids are evil cold hearted seductresses. They are more like the sirens who sing a male to their death. These females are hateful vile creatures that should be spear hunted and slain. Well, that's my opinion after reading what happens to Zantu and his brothers.

Zantu is a merman who tries to protect his sanity and virtue from the fickle mermaids. Still, he is a hopeless romantic and wants to have a female who will love him as much as he wants to devote himself to her. This is an interesting flip of the usual female who is lovelorn and tossed aside by cads. Zantu finds a human female, Brianna drowning and cannot help but save her. He does have a soft heart as he tries to save his nephew, brother and pretty much any underdog who needs saving. Zantu is a white knight fight a losing battle. Fortunately for him, saving Brianna gives him another option.

This story is lovely because it is heartbreaking. I loved the depressing world that beats on Zantu and all the merman. To take this bleak world and give just a bit of hope, in the shape of Brianna makes a nice emotional impact. These bittersweet stories where good and evil are clear as black and white may be simplistic but they are fun to read. Ms. Ley does a lovely job with her character creation. Her world building is a fresh look at merfolks. The conflicts in this story do tug at the reader's heart strings. Just as Zantu's little nephew is too adorable. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who are hopeless romantics and want their happily ever afters.

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