Review: Obsession

Obsession Obsession by Calista Fox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Roxy Shea is a skittish artist who is doing her best to hide from an ex-lover turned stalker. It is very apparent from the beginning that Roxy is a bundle of nerves who just wants to stay in the background. Her desire to paint and then just hide away is overwhelming from the get go. So when she's been noticed first by Nick and then Hunter, two very public figures, her thin wall of protection comes crashing down.

From a plot perspective, this story needs a bit of work. It's pretty straightforward and the ending is completely anticlimactic. Let's be honest, I didn't read the book for the plot, character development or world building. What caught my attention was the Billionaire theme and the erotic menage. On both fronts, this story delivers. Whilst there is a little back story about Nick and Hunter's break in friendship, it didn't really move me. Even the sad tragic death barely made me lift an eyebrow. I definitely shed no tears. From an emotion pulling standpoint, this tale did nothing as far as heartbreaking sorrow or being moved. From an erotic spicy sexy element, this story does make it hot!

The chemistry between the three characters is smoking hot. This mmf menage burns up the sheets and is so fun to read. Roxy is saved by not one, but two white knights. Albeit a bit of a dinged up white knights as both Nick and Hunter have trauma in the past that brings in extra baggage. Still, Ms. Fox pens some delicious threesome with just the right amount of loving heat. This story is a lovely community set in a fantasy many females dream about. A nice rich elite group of friends, accepting community for the alternative lifestyle and smoking hawt sex... what more is needed? This romance is recommended to menage lovers who enjoy two alpha males protecting a helpless female.

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