Review: A Perfect Obsession

A Perfect Obsession A Perfect Obsession by Heather Graham
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second book in this new series is chilling and well written. Ms. Graham is an author I automatically buy and read. Her suspense ones are well thought out with disturbing killers. The books are not written from the killer's point of view so it helps to keep it from becoming too creepy.

In this one, we meet Special Agent Craig Fraiser again. He appeared in the first book as did his girlfriend, Kieran Finnegan. I like Kieran even though she works for shrinks and is one. These two are pulled into a disturbing case as a famous model is killed in a nightclub right by her family's bar. As more information comes out, Kieran finds herself torn between two different men - her lover and her brother. This conflict ads to the suspense. I liked how the reader is given a little bit of information and is in the same boat as Kieran and Craig, racing to try and figure out the killer's identity. It is more fun for me to try and figure things out with only a little bit of information. The twists and turns are nicely done. The red herring was also well done in this mystery.

This story moved along quickly and kept my attention as each new clue and murder victim appeared. Ms. Graham does an excellent job of showing. This story played like a full length feature film in my mind. The scenes were vividly described. The interactions between the characters made it feel like I was in the same room as them. Ms. Graham is a talented writer who pens an excellent romantic suspense. This book is recommended to readers who enjoy a complex plot with great character development.

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