Review: Physical Forces

Physical Forces Physical Forces by D.D. Ayres
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

New to me author Ms. Ayres pulls me into this romantic suspense. On a lark, I accepted the book to read because it involved K-9. As a dog lover, I can not resist reading books involving K-9 unites. This one is definitely a keeper and now I'm intrigued and want to read the rest of this series.

The story starts off in a humourous scene with Macayla Burkett trying to rescue a runaway dog. Helping her out is Oliver Kelly who is renown in the K-9 world but unrecognized by Macayla. When Macayla's job of rescuing pets takes a nasty turn, it is a good thing Oliver is there to help.

This story kept my attention because it had so many twists and turns. It kept me guessing as to how it would end and who the villains would be. I like being kept in the dark as Macayla tries to solve who is targeting her. I felt badly for Macayla because she is a woman whose heart has been broken by the loss of her dog. She just wants to have a quiet life but her dedication to save dogs (because really, humans are assholes) puts her in the path of ruthless killers.

I am disturbed by this book because I am much softer when it comes to animals being tortured. Under no circumstances is it ever okay to torture and kill a dog. Ms. Ayres hits upon sensitive points as she reveals the nasty underbelly of racing and dog fighting. I've never agreed with either so to read about the devastating cruelty perpetrated upon innocent animals is a bit too much for me. Torture and kill a human any day, but when it happens to a dog (or any other animal), I just lose it. (John Wick anyone?)

The suspense in this story is well done and keeps me at the edge of my proverbial seat. The conclusion comes all too soon for me yet it is immensely satisfying. This romantic suspense is recommended to all dog lovers.

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