Review: Silence Fallen

Silence Fallen Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The more times I revisit this book, the more I love it. When I first sped through this book, it was a four star for me. As I've now re-read it several more times, I find that I love it enough to bump it to a five star. For me, if I give up other books to re-read a specific book, I must really like the book. And what is not to like about Mercy?

This book is different in writing style from some of the others. It could be because I'm reading an arc version, but I do not recall having a Mercy book where it switches between different point of views with it clearly stated at the top of the chapter. Nor do I recall the timeline being presented simultaneously. I like it. It kind of is like a Pulp Fiction-esque story with a lot happening. There are several subplots going on which all neatly blend together to become a bigger picture. Ms. Briggs does an excellent job of creating multiple streams and using them as building blocks to an ending that makes me go "wow".

Mercy in this story is once again in trouble. She can't help it since her father is the Coyote. Still, Mercy's tenacity helps keep her alive and thriving. She's helped out by various power players that underestimate her even when they think they are prepared for her. She is a tricksy kind of girl and slippery as an eel. Her tromp through Prague moved and connected for me. Since I have just recently been to Prague for a business trip, I loved reading about it. With Ms. Brigg's descriptions, it is almost like going back there. Completely spot on!

Whilst this book could feel like a filler book in some ways, it is also illuminating in how the European supernaturals relate to the American ones. It also shows the tentatively new alliance between the vampires, shifters and fae. Well, Larry the Goblin does not consider himself fae even if the other supernaturals do. It also shows the love of a father for their child and what they will do to protect the child. It is interesting to see two fathers and how they respond differently to their respective child. And just because a child is not a blood child but adopted one, it does not mean the father loves that child any less.

This tale is fun as the reader sees just how many people care about Mercy and how she is a power not to be messed with. This book is highly recommended to urban fantasy readers who enjoy seeing the protective and ruthless side of Mercy's allies.

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