Review: Snared

Snared Snared by Jennifer Estep
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Always a fan of this series, this latest one looks to be setting up the next arc - identifying the Circle and bringing it down to its knees. All along, the end goal for Gin has been to destroy Mab who killer her mother. But what if, Mab was only the tool and the order was by someone else? In the past couple of books, these are the hints dropped by Ms. Estep. In this one, it is more or less confirmed. But how to find this shadowy organization that no one knows?

Gin seems lost in this book. She still has not exactly come into her own as the Queen of the underworld. She is an assassin who works best behind the scenes. With everyone knowing who she is, she hasn't adjusted. It will be interesting to see how she adjusts to this role because about three books into it, she still hasn't figured it out and is terrible at it.

I'm mixed about Gin as a character. She is lovable and deadly. She's loyal and a kick ass. There is not much she wouldn't do for those she loves. She is also ruthless when she needs to put down a problem. She's the quintessential troubleshooter. When you want the SWAT team to come in and help save you, she's the one you call. But from a strategic leadership perspective? She is terrible. She doesn't think strategically nor is she skilled at being a leader perspective. People will follow her, but she isn't a criminal mastermind. This is where I feel Gin's character has lost its way and I'm not sure how Ms. Estep is going to pull this one out of the whole. She is no Captain Picard. She is better as his Number One. This is why Gin is struggling in every book and getting her ass handed to her. She is blundering around like a bull in a China shop. It's hard to watch her do it.

Now this may be the purpose of the book to show Gin in this manner. I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm just saying, it's hard to watch a shining star be placed in a role which they can not succeed due to lack of skill sets matching. Hopefully in the next book, we'll see less of Gin bumbling and more of Gin getting into the groove. Either she needs to accept she's the Queen of the underworld and behave accordingly or she needs to hand it off.

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